3D-Design Contest (completed)

The computer mouse of the German association Nager IT is the one, with the fairest working conditions on the market.

However, some people who like the mission of Nager IT, would love to have another design for the mouse. For example people with large hands sometimes have problems with the little mouse.

Therefore we want to create a new design for the computer mouse and we asked you to send us your ideas.

We have received various drafts that we want to show you:

  • The wooden FinMouse of LibrEars: (Detailed)
  • the plain ergonomic case of Stephan: (Detailed)
  • and the project of Thomas, who placed an ergonomic upper case on the existing lower case:

At the moment we are reviewing the designs and print prototypes which are then tested for practicality.

Here is the contest video, in which you can also see the 3D printing of Thomas case: